We regret to announce that RED Academy is closing our Vancouver campus effective immediately.

The vision at RED was to create a world where everyone had the freedom to design and create the future they desire.

Our incredible employees strove to fulfill that vision every day. Even in the face of great trial and uncertainty, they invested in their students all their passion, ingenuity and creativity. Our mission was to help unlock the incredible potential of our students and together our employees and our students collaborated to create real impact in our community.

Similarly, we are proud to have been part of Vancouver’s vibrant and thriving technology ecosystem. Every cohort we had the privilege of working with dozens of local community partners to create “real-world” learning experiences for our students. These partners contributed to a unique learning experience for RED students and often went on to hire RED graduates to fuel innovation within their own organizations.

RED had the unstinting support of a committed group of investors that shared our vision and invested their time, wisdom and hard-earned capital to help us provide students with the skills needed to innovate and flourish in the digital economy. We did not accomplish all that we hoped, but without their commitment we would not have accomplished all that we did.

As painful as it is to close the school that we all love, it is of some comfort to know that our alumni and former employees will continue to enrich their communities with their talent, industry and passion.

The RED Team

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020