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App & Full-Stack Developer Student Spotlight: Camden, Cora and Kevin.

Right now, the students are nearing the end of their program. Here, they share their experience in the program and working on Community Partner Projects.

What Did You Do Before Coming To RED & What Brought You To RED?

Camden: I worked in TV-commercial production.

Cora: Before RED, I was initially working as a graphic designer and also became a UI/UX designer for a media company. When I was working in the media company, I teamed up with the development team and I created wireframes, user flows and mockups from sketch to prototypes which I really enjoy doing. However, I wanted to learn more than that. I kept thinking that it will be great if I am able to develop an app or website as a developer. Which lead me to RED. A school that provides both web development and app development courses in 6 months time. It is perfect for me as a beginner.

Kevin: I was in film school and business at Capilano University and was doing a bit of freelance photography on the side. I’ve always wanted to make video games (who doesn’t?) so I had an interest in programming from when I was younger. I made the switch to come to RED after taking a year off from traveling since I got bored with University, the film program was chill though.

What Opportunities Do You See In The Development Industry moving forward?

Camden: Thanks to the full-stack program I have a diverse new set of skills that I can take advantage of in both web and app development.

Cora: There are definitely a lot of opportunities in the technology industry, not just for app development, web development or UX/UI design. Technology will always continue to evolve and change over time. Seeing its growth and huge influence over the past years in our lives never seizes to amaze me. I cannot wait to be working in this community.

Kevin: I think the tech industry, whether it be dev, design or marketing, in Vancouver is huge! Im hoping to leverage that and start my own agency, which is in the works.

Meet Camden!


How Is RED Helping You Reach Your Career Aspirations?

Camden: After RED I believe I will be able to fully build and deploy a fully functional website, iOS app, android app or web-app. These skills will help me get a job working for companies that are dedicated to improving people’s lives.

Cora: RED keeps updating its curriculum with the industry. I learnt the required skills to be a front-end developer such as practical skills, industry-standard practices and in-demand libraries, frameworks and platforms. Also the mentorship and community projects that RED provides is extremely valuable and helpful for me to face my future career challenges.

Kevin: Unlike traditional university style courses which I get bored of real quick, RED’s intensive programs help me reach my goals faster in a more interactive and fun way. Their programs are all up to date with what the current industry is looking for which is great, they teach you all the newnew.

What Community Project Are You Working On Or App Project Have You Worked On?

Camden: I am currently working on Brainfit with Dan, Bobby, Kevin, and Ken. It is an app designed to help you track your activity and mood to help people keep happy and healthy. Previously, I made an app with David and Shaahid called Note.js it is an app for students to save and share notes in class to make it easier to help each other.

Cora: During the web development course, I worked on a WordPress website with a team of developers and UI/UX designers for a community partner, East Van Roasters. We redesigned their website and helped promote it for PHS Community Services Society. During the app development course, my team and I built a React web app from scratch for RED called REDence. The purpose of the app was to help teachers and students with their attendance performance. The teachers could easily mark student attendance, and the students are now able to see where they stand in their own attendance which they could not do before. Both of these projects are all available on my GitHub.

Kevin: During the Web Dev course, my group worked with Catalyst Community Development, a real-estate development company that focuses on affordable housing. I got to work with them after the web dev program was over which was cool.

As one of our app dev projects, we made a compliments app called Kindred where you can send compliments to people.

Our next community project we’ll be working on BrainFit! Basically a mood tracker to better help understand your mood patterns.

Shout out to my kick-ass group members, Evan and Su for Catalyst and Dan and Ken for the Kindred!

Describe Your Process Working On The Project?

Camden: We first conceptualized the basic premise of the app with the class. Then we created a white board mock-up, which was a chart describing the scenes and functionality the app would need. With the help of our instructors, we discussed the scope and filtered it down to what was feasible for the three of us to finish the project within a week. Then we put our heads together and mashed the keyboard until we had an app.

Cora: We work with the design students for all of the community projects. Firstly, they pass us developers all of the design materials during hand off. After that, my developer team and I will discuss what technologies, libraries or frameworks we can apply on the project. Then we will start building the file structure and plan out the task for everyone. All of our work will be committed using GitHub, and we will work through problems together as a team. Last but not the least, we ourselves will do quality assurance before presenting to the community partner to ensure the best for their project.

Kevin: My group and I would try and plan everything out in advance and allocate enough time for each task. Make a schedule and hopefully finish by the deadline. Tried to be as organized as possible to avoid any problems.

Meet Cora!


How Is Your Experience Working On The Project?

Camden: Working on the project was a lot of fun. There were definitely challenges that we ran into with workflow and figuring out functionality, but I really enjoyed working with my teammates to puzzle it out.

Cora: It is great being in a development team as a developer. It is a totally new challenge to me, but I am able to apply the coding skills and knowledge that I learned from RED by working on a real world project.

Kevin: It was a good learning experience. Tough, but fun. It can get crazy at times but its all worth it in the end.

What Are Some Key Takeaways That You Learned From Working With A Real Client On A Real World Project Or When Building An App?

Camden: When working with community partners we have things pointed out to us by designers and the partners that devs typically don’t consider. It definitely helps us sculpt our skill sets to be real-world applicable.

Cora: Practice makes perfect. I got more opportunities on practicing my new programming skills. While working in a team, communication skill and time management are really important. As we always have a deadline for a real client on a real world project, task planning, scoping and project studying are necessary before a project starts.

Kevin: Being able to build a relationship with your client and other team members as well as being able to manage time are probably what I found to be key takeaways while working on these projects. You also learn how to solve problems more efficiently as you work your way through the project which I think is very valuable for future projects/work.

What’s Your Go-to Midnight Snack?

Camden: No time for snacking. Just code 24/7

Cora: Dark chocolate, something quick and filling

Kevin: ????????????????????????

Meet Kevin!




Camden: Github | LinkedIn |

Cora: Github | LinkedIn

Kevin: GitHub | Instagram | LinkedIn | Web Dev Community Project | Creative Content Agency | Kindred App


*All photos taken by Vanessa Shakespeare, Full-Stack Marketer 2017 Alumni 
Instagram | LinkedIn

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