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Brand Prize is a contest where any new business in North America has the chance to win the ultimate brand package: visual identity, branding and website design.

So if you want to create a unique brand experience and take your business to the next level, you’ll want to read this.

We’ve partnered with Skyrocket, a digital branding agency based in Vancouver, B.C. Their clients range from well-established businesses looking to innovate, to budding startups hoping to establish a strong sense of brand identity. Skyrocket especially focuses on partnering with startups to create meaningful brand experiences. This is the third year they’ve hosted the Brand Prize contest, where startups across North America have a chance to win a few of Skyrocket’s award-winning services for free. An added bonus is that we’ve decided to join in on helping accelerate these startups on their journey by adding website design and development to the mix.

Now, you may have a few questions before you decide to apply. Luckily, we’ve prepared the answers.

Skyrocket Brand Prize Contest Creative

What Do I Win From Skyrocket?

The winner of will receive branding services by Skyrocket:

  • Client Discovery – Skyrocket will really get to know you. They’ll conduct thorough research about your history, values, competitors, and audience. They’ll make sure to sit down 1-on-1 with you and find out everything there is to know about your business.
  • Value Proposition – From the research they gather, Skyrocket will determine your business’s purpose and vision. They’ll widdle all the necessary information into a teeny tiny value proposition that still manages to encompass everything your company is about. They’ll even create the best elevator pitch possible.
  • Brand Identity – You’ll have a logo created to visually represent your brand. Everything from colours, look, feel and font will be defined.
  • Brand Toolbox – The toolbox will house all things brand. It will have a positioning statement which clearly states the value your brand provides in a competitive market. You’ll be fully equipped with all the digital assets (e.g. logo, logo variations, fonts, guidelines etc.) and a newly branded pitch deck. The pitch deck will be especially useful when bringing your business to new investors and future opportunities.

What Do I Win From RED Academy?

Once your businesses has finished the branding phase, you’ll move onto the website design and development phase at RED. This includes:

  • User Experience & User Interface Design of a WordPress Website – Students in our full-time UX and UI courses will work on your business as part of our Community Partner program. You’ll be assigned to a group of students who will create an interactive, mid-fidelity prototype of your website.
  • Web Development – Students in our full-time Web Development course will develop any necessary features based on the mid-fidelity prototype.

Any project that is part of the Community Partner program is reviewed by our Instructors. They decide on what scope of work can be completed based on their course structures. The extent of the website design and development phase will be determined by instructor scoping. This means that it is possible that parts of your project may not be designed and/or developed. For more information on how the Community Partner Program works, please visit our Community Partners page.

The Brand Prize Winner will work with RED Academy students

Who Can Apply?

Any startup, new business venture, small business, entrepreneur, digital creator – you name it – can apply for the prize. We’re looking for the most innovative projects, unexpected products, and ground breaking services being offered today. Your product or service should be geared towards a particular audience. In other words, you’re in demand and there’s nothing like you! A big bonus is if you value social impact and it’s apparent in your business.

So, If you’re in need of branding, website design and development, then you’re just who we’re looking for! You should also be located in North America – yes, this means countries outside of Canada and the USA. Though Skyrocket has normally seen startups from just Canada and the USA, it would be so awesome to see submission from other countries and get a sense of their startup cultures!

How Do I Apply?

It only takes 2 simple steps to apply for the Brand Prize:

STEP 1: Head over the official Brand Prize website, hit the “Apply Now” button, and fill out a submission form.

STEP 2: You’ll receive a simple 5 question application in return. Complete this form and send it back.

Then the selection process begins.

Planning web development at RED Academy

How Is The Winner Selected?

Once the contest closes, all the applications will be reviewed, discussed by experts in design and tech over the next 2 weeks. During this time, all applicants should be perfecting their elevator pitch and putting the finishing touches on their unique brand story. At the end of 2 weeks, the top 5 finalists will be announced. These 5 finalists will have a video interview with Skyrocket to deliver their solidified elevator pitches. After even more review, discussion and deliberation, the final winner will be announced!

Why Should I Apply?

One of the major keys to success for any business is a strong brand identity. You want your brand to be easily recognized because that can be a very powerful tool for gaining customers, keeping customers, spreading awareness and getting people to really fall in love with you. Think of some of the most famous global brands and how it’s always very clear what they do, why they do it, and what any of their promotional materials looks like.

If you want your brand to succeed, you need to make sure your brand’s identity, purpose and look is consistent. Winning the Brand Prize contest would be a great addition to your brand story but also an incredible opportunity in your brand journey.

The contest launches on June 15th, 2017, and applications will be accepted for one month with the contest closing on July 14th, 2017. We are excited to see all of the applications and wish all the startups the best of luck!

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Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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