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Mentored by experienced industry professionals, come learn UX & UI while building a professional portfolio of real client projects.

Our design programs will prepare you for an exciting career as a User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) Designer. Take a human-centric approach in designing delightful and beautiful experiences that meet business goals while balancing seamless interactivity and navigation for apps, websites and more. You’ll learn the software used in industry today, and practice Design Thinking methodologies to address and solve problems.

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What is UX, and why is it important?

UX is all about design thinking, which has never been more relevant and is becoming a new gold standard for companies to adopt as a part of their core practices. There is also an enormous growth in demand for User Experience and User Interface Designers with over 150,000 jobs available with a projected 15% growth by 2020.

Novice UX and UI Designers want to be focusing on technical skills like rapid prototyping, testing, wireframing, visual communication and presentation skills, as well as soft skills like communication, collaboration, empathy and humility. We’ve seen first hand that technical skills are what get our graduates to an interview, but it’s their soft skills that get them the job.


New Tech Jobs by 2020

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Average UX Designer Salary UK (+8% from 2016)

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When I started the UX Professional Program I appreciated that it wasn’t all lecture-style teaching, and involved a lot of interactive learning. Also, the projects were with real businesses.

McKenzie Eggers, UX Designer at Amazon

Learning Environment

Learn in Central London

Our London Campus is based at WeWork’s beautiful North West House, providing a relaxed, yet professional environment. Learning at RED is all about Real World Learning, and being inside WeWork means you will be working alongside businesses and startups, and the opportunity to build your network in a professional, real world setting.

Featured Article

UI & Communication Design Student Spotlight: Janis, Jenifer, And Bo

Get to know more about our UI & Communication Design students: Janis, Jenifer, and Bo. We’re nearing the end of the program and final projects are coming to a close. Janis, Jennifer and Bo share their experiences leading up to this last sprint to the finish line.

Where our grads work

Career Support

One of our commitments is to help you find employment. We are dedicated to ensuring that as a RED graduate, you’ll move into a role where you can utilize your new skillset and make an impact.

Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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