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Learn the essential skills of UX Design in 5 weeks

The UX Design Essentials program is an introduction to user experience design with a strong emphasis on human-centered design practices. In this course, you will gain introductory skills in research, planning, design, testing and iterating for digital products. You will also learn to use design and prototyping tools, as well as essential presentation and storytelling skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have an overview of the entire UX process, and will be able to gather requirements, conduct user research, construct a basic sitemap and information architecture, leverage design patterns to construct wireframes, design a responsive website, and use prototypes to test website designs. You will learn to use Sketch to create wireframes and mid-fidelity mockups, and will learn to use InVision to build prototypes.






Evenings Per Week


User Research

Learn a range of industry research methods and approaches to understanding and deconstructing the expectations of your users.

UX Methods

Adopt a human-centric design approach, and exercise research, prototyping and testing methodologies.

Human-Centric Design

Convey effective interviews and surveys to identify real human needs, and leverage those insights to guide you through the design and testing processes.

Information Architecture

Learn the process of structuring the design of shared information environments with user behaviours in mind.

Web & App Design

Design responsive websites and apps considering their specific technologies and platforms.

Usability Testing

Explore various user testing methods to help inform the optimization of the your designs to create more effective experiences.

Creative Thinking

Lead brainstorming sessions to facilitate conceptual thinking and adopt a strategic and human-centric approach to problem solving.


Create prototypes that ranges from low-fidelity using pencil and paper, to mid and high-fidelity clickable experience that can be used for testing.

Our Instructors

Ray Kanani

UX Design Instructor

Ray Kanani

UX Design Instructor

Ray Kanani, is the Chief Experience Officer at Coffee’s On Me, he is a UX instructor at RED Academy and is continuously inspired by the amazing stories of gratitude that happen every day in the world. Find him on Medium, Twitter and LinkedIn

Noman Siddiqui

UX/UI Design Instructor

Noman Siddiqui

UX/UI Design Instructor

Noman is a Toronto based Interaction, UX, UI Design Consultant and instructor. His goal is to make life easier for human-computer interaction, by designing experiences that are useful, accessible and enjoyable for end-users. With over 10 years of experience in the the UX / UI realm, he has designed various websites, apps, digital kiosks, interactive GIS, e-commerce solutions and a digital learning platform. Few companies that Noman has worked with include: CGI Consulting, ROM, SickKids, UofT, Grassriots, Thompson Books and Ticoon Technology. Noman is passionate about design research, WingTsun kung-fu, philanthropy and world music promotion. He is the founder of Nomans Land Creative, Nomans Land Promotions and the iUX publication on Medium. 

Student Journey

Your Student Experience At RED

Our commitment to a fully engaged learning process extends into the creation of an energizing environment where you have the time to work and play. Every aspect of our school experience is dedicated to creating a space where students, instructors, alumni, and mentors can engage with one another in a way that’s professional, supportive and friendly.

Active Learning Methodology

Instructors facilitate lessons which are designed to be highly interactive and engaging to optimize your retention rate. We are passionate about making learning fun.

Industry Guest Speakers

Industry-taught leaders are often invited in to help with the delivery of specialized topics, and to share inspiring insights on the state of the industry.

Networking Events

You will be given the information and encouraged to attend networking events and open houses to develop their contact within the industry.

Peer & Instructor Feedback

Peer evaluation is a tremendously effective way to not only gain the skills required to assess the quality of a team member’s work, but also to learn how to receive and articulate constructive feedback to them.

Project-Based Applied Learning

You will be given time to work with your team on client projects. It’s during that time that instructors, mentors and TAs will be available to give you guidance and feedback on your work.

Tuition & Dates

Winter 2019 - Tues & Thurs Nights

January 15, 2019


How To Apply

Applying to RED is super easy. Our dedicated admissions team members are there to guide and support your each step of the way.

Learn About Our Admissions Process

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Interested in finding out more?

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