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Designed to provide you with an introductory overview of the core skills needed to succeed in a Digital Marketing role.

The Digital Marketing Foundation Program is designed for students who want to gain the practical skills needed to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in a professional setting, leveraging the software, tools, tactics, and techniques used in today’s industry.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to create and track digital marketing campaigns, determine cost per acquisition of customers and users, and leverage campaign data to increase ROI, as well as gaining their Google Adwords and Analytics Certifications.


Week Program


Client Project




Digital Marketing Strategy

Develop an end-to-end digital marketing strategy considering the buyer’s journey and company goals to reach overall business objectives.

Google Analytics

Learn how to implement Google Analytics to apply fundamental concepts like performance measurement, comparison and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understand on-page, off-page and technical SEO practices and how to best implement these strategies across different types of websites.

Google Ads

Build ad strategies that attract and generate customers through account optimization, bidding strategies and compelling ad copy.

Segmenting and Targeting

Learn how to focus your content and advertising efforts to different sections of your overall audience.

Content Creation & Strategy

Plan, develop, and manage a content strategy for a client, and learn how to track a develop your strategy over time.

Social Media Management & Advertising

Understand how to manage multiple social media platforms to achieve specific business objectives, and the fundamentals of advertising on major social platforms.

Conversion Optimization and A/B Testing

Learn the best practices of optimizing for conversion, and what aspects to test in order to measure performance and make improvements.

When we finished in December, I continued to keep learning on my own and in turn work eventually gave me the keys to car so to speak. Since then, I have been diving head first into all of our back end digital and have a good month of on the job with Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEO, social media and the company has seen the skills I have gained. Everything I am grasping here in the real world is because of the instructors and RED.

Jason Mills - Business Development Manager & Digital Strategist, Travel Inc.

Our Instructors

Julia Zhou

Digital Marketing Foundations Instructor

Julia Zhou

Digital Marketing Foundations Instructor

Julia has worked on brands such as Samsung, Dell, Unbounce, BCIT and MEC through various marketing agencies. With expertise in analytics, SEO, content, and paid campaign strategies, Julia is passionate about understanding the “why” behind online data, especially pertaining to user behaviour, internet trends and marketing attribution.

When not chipping away at marketing strategies and campaign activations, you can find Julia building her next passion project. From online publications to new apps, feel free to connect with Julia to talk about emerging technology and social trends in the market.

Carlin Leung

Digital Marketing Foundations Instructor

Carlin Leung

Digital Marketing Foundations Instructor

Product Strategist at Quietly, I’m a hands-on leader who’s as comfortable working with data and building models as I am designing new processes and crafting product strategies. I excel in fast-paced environments that push me to learn and get creative.

Student Journey

Building Community

Every aspect of our school experience is dedicated to creating a space where students, instructors, alumni, and mentors can engage with one another in a way that’s professional, supportive and friendly.

Active Learning Methodology

Instructors facilitate lessons which are designed to be highly interactive and engaging to optimize your retention rate. We are passionate about making learning fun.

Project-Based Applied Learning

You will be given time to work with your team on client projects. It’s during that time that instructors, mentors and TAs will be available to give you guidance and feedback on your work.

Peer & Instructor Feedback

Peer evaluation is a tremendously effective way to not only gain the skills required to assess the quality of a team member’s work, but also to learn how to receive and articulate constructive feedback to them.

Networking Events

You will be given the information and encouraged to attend networking events and open houses to develop their contact within the industry.

Tuition & Dates

Fall 2019 - Saturday Classes

October 12, 2019


How To Apply

Applying to RED is super easy. Our dedicated admissions team members are there to guide and support your each step of the way.

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Interested in finding out more?

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