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The Application Developer Professional program is a comprehensive 12 week, full-time immersive diploma program designed for students with some existing knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Throughout this intensive 12-week program you will learn the practical skills, techniques and best-practices used in modern, full-stack JavaScript application development by using in-demand libraries, frameworks, and platforms including React, Express, Meteor, and React Native.

You’ll also learn how to work with UX and UI designers, deploy different types of databases, write maintainable and testable code, use industry-standard practices for working collaboratively in teams, and deploy your applications to the cloud.


Week Program


Client Project





Build single-page applications using React for front-end UI component development and routing.


Effectively manage application state using this popular library.


Dive into back-end development with Node.js and build scalable web applications using JavaScript.


Use Express as a light-weight application framework for architecting your apps in Node.js.

PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Learn about relational and “NoSQL” databases, and how to choose the best one for your application.


Learn how to use this open-source, full-stack JavaScript platform to rapidly develop web applications.

React Native

Take your React skills to the next level by building truly native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Cloud Deployment

Push code to live applications without any downtime using industry best practices for code deployment and integration.

Aside from all the support provided by the instructors and all the staff at RED, I think the fact that curriculum here is structured around community projects which allow us to work directly with clients is a major advantage. I’ve already heard from several more senior developers that having experience in communicating with and managing the needs of stakeholders is a big plus for junior developers entering the industry.

Evan Gray, Alum

Our Instructors

Sid Parmar

App Development Instructor

Sid Parmar

App Development Instructor

Sid is an App Development Instructor at RED. He’s a huge Marvel fan and Potter head with an Engineering Degree in Computer Science, as well as a diploma in Web and Mobile App Development. That’s pretty cool, if you ask us! He has experience as an instructor, web developer and a server admin – as an engineer, he looks at things as boxes, lines, arrows and diagrams, but definitely doesn’t sacrifice good UI/UX. If you see Sid around, make sure to ask him what his current favourite movie is!

Yuvraj Singh

Mobile App Dev Instructor

Yuvraj Singh

Mobile App Dev Instructor

Carrying a miraculous experience from a peculiar journey started as a nominee in Guinness Book. Further getting the title of Child Prodigy by Yahoo! & Accenture and currently working with the vision to outreach new heights in the field of information technology. Yuvraj started playing with the computer when he was 4. He did his Bachelors in Computer Science from India and believes in sharing knowledge rather keeping it to one self. He is always up for working on an idea that can make an impact on human life – so if you see him around feel free to discuss new ideas with him.

He loves to spend his spare time relaxing at a place where he can appreciate beautiful nature, chilling weather, good music and calm surroundings all together.

Student Journey

Your Day-To-Day

Our commitment to a fully engaged learning process extends into the creation of an energizing environment where you have the time to work and play.

Active Learning Methodology

Instructors facilitate lessons which are designed to be highly interactive and engaging to optimize your retention rate. We are passionate about making learning fun.

Industry Guest Speakers

Industry-taught leaders are often invited in to help with the delivery of specialized topics, and to share inspiring insights on the state of the industry.

Project-Based Applied Learning

You will be given time to work with your team on client projects. It’s during that time that instructors, mentors and TAs will be available to give you guidance and feedback on your work.

Personal & Professional Development

Technical skills and knowledge are one thing, but the reality is that soft-skills are really what will make you a key member of any team. Creativity, empathy and collaboration are the themes we focus on in our PPD program.

Peer & Instructor Feedback

Peer evaluation is a tremendously effective way to not only gain the skills required to assess the quality of a team member’s work, but also to learn how to receive and articulate constructive feedback to them.

Networking & Field Trips

You will be given the opportunity to visit agencies and businesses hiring for digital roles to gain a better understanding of company cultures and environments.

Career Support & Development

Our Career Support Team is there to support you through your job search process. They will advise you on job opportunities, introduce you to the RED hiring network and coach you during job interview and negotiation. You will also be given continual support from your instructors. This includes connecting to industry professionals and providing references to potential employers. We are commited to supporting our graduates until a job offer is made within their respected fields of study. The Development roles outlined below are most commonly available to students post graduation but are not limited to these roles:

Junior App Developer

Build cross platform native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Junior Web Developer

Build websites or web applications for clients or start-ups.

Tuition & Dates

Winter 2020 Cohort

January 13, 2020


Spring 2020 Cohort

April 20, 2020


Fall 2020 Cohort

September 21, 2020


How To Apply

Applying to RED is super easy. Our dedicated admissions team members are there to guide and support your each step of the way.

Learn About Our Admissions Process

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Interested in finding out more?

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