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Community support is an integral component of what we do.


Whether in UX, Digital Marketing, or App Development, we pair our students with non-profits, charities, and start-ups to provide them with free services while also allowing our students to build their portfolio. One of these is Community Partner Big Sister of BC Lower Mainland.

Tell us about your organization.

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland believes that girls who are having to deal with overwhelming life challenges or social isolation can benefit from having a positive, female mentor in their lives. We understand the many obstacles young girls face as they navigate their way through childhood and adolescence and we are committed to enhancing the self-esteem of these girls through mentoring. Our agency matches Lower Mainland girls (ages 7 -17) with volunteer adult women (age 19+) in mentoring relationships and provides ongoing support to these matches.

What were some of the website challenges that you wanted to fix on the Big Sisters BCLM website?

The Big Sisters website was using a dated platform that was cumbersome to navigate both internally and for our audience. We wanted a site that was clean and intuitive, which is what the students at RED Academy were able to provide. We’re so pleased that we have much more creative control over our website and that our audience can easily find the information they are looking for. We have a WordPress site now, which means we have so many more options available to grow.

What was it like working with the students? 

The students at RED Academy were so helpful, eager and talented. We had a long wish list and they were able to implement any revisions we asked for.

It was great to have such a strong team working on our website.

Were you happy with the work and final website they provided?

We love our new website and have had so many compliments! It’s so easy to use and looks great.

How can people help support this program?

It’s rough out there for girls. With challenges like bullying, isolation, poverty, abuse, social anxiety, low self-esteem and more, our girls need a positive mentor in their lives. That’s where you come in. Mentoring is a proven solution. This holiday season, give a girl a Big Sister and you’ll see her thrive for years to come. Donate today:


At RED , we’re excited to announce a new initiative for a deserving Community Partner: the App Develop Project!This is perfect for folks who need some help getting their charity or socially conscious start-up in the mobile tech space. Free of charge, our students will build you an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that you can easily bring to life and get the word out about your all-around awesomeness. To learn more or apply to be considered as a Community Partner.


Andee Pittman

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Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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