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How can we decide what’s the best platform to reach out to our target audience? In the constant hunt for new clients and customers, it’s easy to get lost in the jungle of social media out there: we have a compass to use, though, and this compass is a deep awareness of our target habits and ways of thinking, behaving, and making decision based on its most intimate needs and desires.

But we need to crack the code on this universe of information first and the tools we need in order to do so can be inherited by the Design Thinking practice. Let’s see how we can use a typical UX technique to understand better our users and turn them into happy, loyal advocates of our brand.

Key Takeaways

-Conversion Funnel 2.0: People, Users, Buyers-UX approach to Profiling: user journey mapping, storyboarding and defining your Persona
-What women (and men) want? How to identify the points of aggregation of your audience
-A social media to rule them all: speaking to the head/heart of your target audience

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RED Academy is a leading digital media, design and technology school, with campuses in London, Vancouver, and Toronto. We offer in-person courses in Digital Marketing, UX & UI Design, and Web & App Development. Designed by the tech industry, for the tech industry. RED builds tech skills through real client projects, helping students shape the future they desire. 

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Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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