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Learn what it’s like to be a Full-Stack student from the Summer 2017 Cohort: David, Jennifer and Jenny.

What Did You Do Before Coming To RED & What Brought You Here?

David: Lastly, I worked as an Ecommerce manager for a men footwear company located in Paris. In January, I decided to take the big step and to go to Red Academy in order to fulfill the lack of technical skills I had.

Jennifer: I was a Marketing Project Manager, responsible for digital signage content, installations, and implementation at major stadiums across Canada. I came to RED with the intention of learning Web Development, User Interface and User Experience Design. I wanted to combine my Marketing and Project Management experience with my new tech skills to be an effective product manager/owner.

Jenny: I graduated from University of Calgary with a degree in Marketing last year and was trying to get my foot in the door. I soon realized there is a gap in what the industry is looking for, and what I had been taught in school. I chose RED because of the hands on, industry-like experience it offers.

What Opportunities Do You See In The Development Industry Moving Forward?

David: The job market in Vancouver is dynamic, DM and UI jobs are both in demand, but to start a new career you need to show your ability to collaborate and to acquire strong basis. RED is the right place to train and practice like in a real web agency.

Jennifer: There is no doubt that the tech industry is evolving and the demand for skilled developers and designer are prominent. I feel that the skills I learned at RED will open new doors of opportunity for me no matter which approach I plan on taking.

Jenny: The tech industry is growing at such a rapid pace and it is just the beginning. Users hold all of the power and their digital experience drives change. As a result, companies are seeing the value of UI design and understanding the importance of telling their story effectively through branding.

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 How Is RED Helping You Reach Your Career Aspirations?

David: RED brings knowledgeable coaches so as to support students in the job research. Also teachers are really involved and motivated to see students in making progress.

Jennifer: Often times I mix up my words and say that I’m going to work instead of school because RED feels more like a tech agency than it does traditional school. The objective is to learn the skills that could be applied right away to real projects, with real people. Because of this, RED is preparing me with the most relevant skills, tools, and connections to achieve my goals.

Jenny: The community projects have given me a hands-on experience working with clients with tools that are relevant to the ones used in the industry.

What Are Your Career Goals After RED?

David: After Red, I will come back to France with an unforgettable Canadian experience! I am persuaded, this one will be a real asset on my resume.

Jennifer: I’m hoping to utilize my skills in Marketing, Web Development, and Design to be an effective, and skilled product manager/owner.

Jenny: I would really love to build on my UI and DM skills after RED. I would like to work in an agency setting where I get the exposure of different sized clients in a variety of industries.

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What’s Your Favourite Part About Your RED Experience?

David: The projects with the community partners were a series of challenges. Implementing a strategy for a NPO or designing an App for a real Start up were always a source of pride.

Jennifer: It is so rewarding to work with real clients that have a tangible purpose. I once worked with a client that teared up during a presentation because she was so happy with the design that it made me tear up. I live for moments like this because I can see that what i’m doing is genuinely making an impact to somebody.

Jenny: Definitely the people. The DM and UI bring different challenges and the environment has made the stressful times bearable and the fun ones that much more memorable.

What Is Something RED Has Taught You About Yourself?

David: Put your self-esteem aside.

Jennifer: Whether you’re a designer, or a developer, I learned that you really can’t create anything amazing when you’re not in the right mind set. Putting in more hours doesn’t necessarily produce something good. I hear this all the time but I use to think that people are just making excuses. However at RED, I learned the hard way that taking care of your health is just as important to your product as the time you put into your work.

Jenny: How rewarding it is to let yourself be creative.

What’s Your Go-To Karaoke Song?

David: Of course “Au Champs Elysées” of Joe Dassin!

Jennifer: Anything Disney!

Jenny: I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

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David: LinkedIn | Website

Jennifer: LinkedIn | GitHub

Jenny: LinkedIn | MediumWebsite | Instagram


*All photos taken by Vanessa Shakespeare
Digital Marketing Intern & Full-Stack Marketer Alumni
LinkedIn | Instagram

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