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At RED Academy, we believe that students should graduate from our programs with a body work that lives in the real world.

That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into creating relationships for our Community Projects, pairing students with different nonprofits, charities, and startups to work on projects that benefit local organizations while allowing students to have a tangible impact on their careers and their communities. This includes Gift-A-Green, a very cool company disrupting the greeting card industry.  

Recently, some of our students were fortunate enough to work with Gift-a-Green in Vancouver. Gift-a-Green aims to spruce up your gift cards by offering organic packages of microgreen seeds for you to send to your friends and family. Instead of a greeting card that gets stuffed in some forgotten drawer, you can grow your own microgreens and eat them in just two weeks!


When Gift-a-Green were selected to be a part of part of the next season of Dragon’s Den, Cam Auge, one of Gift-a-Green’s co-founders knew what his company needed. “We knew we needed to do a big change with our design, but we couldn’t afford to hire one full-time as we were just in the startup phase. We wanted some fresh, unique and creative ideas…and we got them all.”

Three of our students were paired up with Cam and the rest of the Gift-a-Green family, and they got straight to work.

“The experience was terrific! The girls were very friendly, professional and efficient,” Cam recalls. “They understood our concept and I saw that they loved it — they did a spectacular job.”

Contributing to community is not only great for building a portfolio, but it’s deeply rewarding for students too. Seeing your work affect people in your community let’s you see the value you offer beyond just figures on a paycheque.

Need Tech Help Like Gift-A-Green?

There are so many companies just like Gift-a-Green who could benefit from our Community Projects program. If you’d like to sign up, tell us about your project here.

Dan Ophaug
Dan Ophaug

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Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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