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RED Academy classrooms are often full of either people who graduated from university or college within the last five years wanting to accelerate their careers, or people who have been in industry for 5-10 years looking to digitize some traditional skill sets. But there’s always a few outliers. Edin is one of them. 

Before RED, Edin (19) was a high school student in Kosovo

“Since high school I always had this feeling that Canada is a good country for students. It’s a very beautiful country surrounded by mountains and there’s tons of activities for students. Also, people here are very kind and I love that. I don’t really have a more specific reason as to why I chose Canada but I am very glad I did.” Edin originally searched for Computer Science programs here before he realized the cost of university tuition and began looking for alternatives. When he found RED Academy and presented the idea to his parents, they had simple concerns, thinking “if it’s not a university, there’s no guarantee for a job.” Edin fought back “same goes for universities, they don’t guarantee anything either.”

Was it hard to move from Kosovo to Vancouver?

“Deciding to come to RED for me wasn’t easy at all. It was a big risk I’m glad I took… The process of applying wasn’t too complicated or long. What took the longest was my visa. Since my country is not in the EU, it took me almost 6 months for my visa to be approved.

Edin is currently in our Work-study Program in Web Development. This type of program is unique in the coding bootcamp industry because it includes 24 weeks of full-time studying, then 24 weeks of work placement. Edin hasn’t begun the work placement portion yet, but has already landed a job as a developer at LYF Marketing, an agency that supports real estate professionals with their online presence. “I love it. I feel very blessed and humble of what I’ve achieved in such a short time and I’m nowhere near to stopping.”

He told us in Kosovo developers are paid a low rate compared to Canada. But Edin knew it’s what he wanted to do. “I wanted to pursue development because I grew up watching my brother code every day. He’s a game developer and I used to watch him build games, which I thought was awesome. Once in high school, I started playing around with a software called Blender where I used to build 3D characters and my brother used to use them in his games. After that, I used to try building plugins for Blender. That’s where I first started coding in Python and I loved it. After that, came across Javascript and started building websites.”

The transition to life in Vancouver was fairly easy for Edin. 

“Honestly, I’ve been living in Vancouver for 7 months or so and it feels like home already. I am slowly falling in love with the city more and more by the day. I would love to stay here for a while and I hope I get the chance to do so.” And RED? “It’s so different it is from traditional schools. It has a way more relaxed and chill environment and going to school everyday isn’t boring at all. Everybody has a purpose and everybody helps each other to better themselves.”

If you’re similar to Edin, he has advice: 

“Think deeply of what you really want to do with your life before going to a university. If you’re really passionate about Web Development, it really doesn’t matter if you go to a university or not. I’m not saying universities are bad, I’m just saying that I think my life wouldn’t be the same if I had gone to a university. Just be passionate, LOVE what you’re doing, really consider that whatever you want to do is actually something you will want to do 5-10 years down the road because it is a big investment of time and money.”

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