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Taylor took our Full-Stack Marketer diploma in order to gather as many employable skills as possible, to launch an exciting career in the world of digital marketing. She shared her thoughts with us at the half-way point of the six-month program.

I’ll spare you the details, but in short, I’ve spent the entirety of my adult life working for a large retail bank. Luckily I made it out alive, with a solid amount of transferable soft skills under my belt.

This past April 2018, after two and a half glorious weeks in Europe with my best friend, I dug out the ol’ backpack and headed to my first day of school at RED Academy. The first three months would be spent immersed in a curriculum of “User Interface (UI) & Communication Design,” a field I knew absolutely nothing about. As the intro lessons unfolded, and I learned more about what a UI designer does, I started to panic a bit.


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Although I’ve always had major appreciation for art and design, I grew up with the mentality that I wasn’t “good at it.” My strengths were in writing and analytical thinking. I avoided high school art class electives, as I feared I would be the worst painter/drawer/creator in the class. Art was a talent that, I believed, I just hadn’t been blessed with.

**Spoiler alert: I was wrong!

I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I decided to make like a sponge and soak it all up. I quickly learned that being a design student is a ton of fun. My days were spent browsing the web for inspiration, curating mood boards, and creating digital designs using some pretty cool software. I was proud of the work I was producing! Although I was very much enjoying the process, as I worked away on my client projects there was a voice in my head asking, what does this have to do with marketing? How does visual web design contribute to my role as a digital marketer? And I struggled with this for a while.

I spoke with instructors about my concerns, and they consistently assured me that I was on the right path. Eventually, the crucial intersection of marketing and design became crystal clear, and I began to see the unique value proposition I’ll have to offer upon graduation.

The truth is: Marketing without design is boring. And people are more likely to convert in an environment that is thoughtfully designed and aesthetically pleasing.

This is why digital marketing and UI design truly do go hand in hand. Also, BRANDING. Delivering a consistent brand image and personality are significant factors in a company’s success, and are often rooted in design. We come to develop a relationship with a brand in part by the visual language the company publicly communicates.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this industry, and eager to make an impact in the world with my unique set of skills. I’m relieved to know that the hours spent poring over typography, iconography, colour and logos have only made me a more effective digital marketer. Now, if I could just pass this Google Analytics exam.

Written by: Taylor Hunter

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