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Build Your Portfolio

RED Labs is an exclusive skills and portfolio accelerator for UI/UX Designers and Digital Marketers focused on working with high-profile impact companies and non-profits. Labs is led by award-winning industry leaders who provide mentorship on impactful, robust and multi-disciplinary projects in technology. This accelerator is limited to a small number of our top grads by application and interview, or by invitation. A limited number of spaces are held for exceptional non-RED Grads by application and interview only.

RED's In-House Agency

RED Design Labs operates similarly to that of a digital agency. Projects are multidisciplinary and carefully selected to help participants expand their professional toolbox, client management skills and portfolios with award-winning agency mentors.

Real Projects For Real Impact

Projects are carefully selected and thoughtfully produced. We align ourselves with impact-driven businesses and entrepreneurs so that as a student, you can make real change in the local and global community. We’re proud to see you make a difference through each project you complete, while growing your networks with meaningful industry connections.

RED Design Labs was a rare opportunity to help me gain the confidence I needed to enter the industry. Working along side award winning professionals was amazing because I learned more breadth and depth about UX Design and the industry. The ability to work on real client projects simultaneously and having the responsibility as project manager was real confidence booster. I recommend anyone who just needs that extra push to join RED Labs, it makes the world of a difference.

Nilan Kasandas, UX Designer

Expand Your Skill Set

Expand your toolbox with 15+ hard skills and design/technology artifacts for your portfolio with the six-week Labs sprint. You’ll gain client experience that most junior professionals will not have received until 5-8 years into an agency role. Interested in award-winning mentorship and robust project experience? Reach out to our admissions team if you’d like to find out more.

Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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