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At our most recent Digital Marketing sample lesson, we learned one of the best advantages of social media: no matter what your background is, your industry, ethnicity or nationality, interests, hobbies… you name it – social media creates community.

Our latest Digital Marketing sample lesson was “Intro to Social Media for Business.” In this lesson people would learn the basic best practices of optimizing social media channels.  We kicked off the evening with our guest speaker, Dan Gogolin, Co-Founder of Joda Creative. He spoke about the clients he’s worked with, his experience, industry knowledge and what he looks for when hiring talent. He really tied in the idea of community by talking about influencer marketing in social media. Influencer marketing is a huge way to leverage different audiences and reach out to communities relative to a brand.

Dan Gogolin discussing Joda Creative's clients

Diving into our lesson on social media, we started off with an introduction to the big 3 platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After a run-down of each of the platforms, we broke off into groups to learn about analytics. Besides the technical takeaways from the lesson, we learned about how social media brings people together.. Here’s how we got to that revelation.

Crafting The Best Tweet

The Twitter squad jumped on our Twitter account. They pointed out key metrics that businesses should consider when measuring the success of their tweets. By taking a look at the engagement of our top performing tweets over the last 30 days, the group was able to figure out the types of tweets we should be posting. They noticed that tweets related to our Beer and Design 2.0 event received the most engagement. From this information, they were able to create a few tweets we could post in the future.

During the activity, we tried to get a sense of who was in the room. We also wanted to find out if everyone was gaining value out of the lesson! We were excited to learn that the room was full of different backgrounds. Everyone was working in a variety of industries and some were even students. Some had experience in social media and some had absolutely none.

Though there were tons of different people who made up the group, they were all united by social media. By the end of the activity, the Twitter crew voted on the best tweet for us to post. So we posted it!

An Instagram Post For The Win

The Instagram crew looked at our Instagram and brainstormed what metrics would be most important on this platform. They also identified that by looking at analytics, we could find out more information about our audience: who is actually interacting with us vs. who we want to interact with us. Similar to the Twitter group, the Instagrammers looked at the engagement last month’s top 3 performing posts. By analyzing why these posts performed the best, they were able to create similar posts that they believed would get the highest engagement.

We chatted with almost everyone in the group and found out that there was a huge amount of diversity in this room too. Regardless of these backgrounds, they all had one thing in common: social media. This common interest really got the creative juices flowing, and after some debate, we finally decided on an interesting visual and caption to post.


The Facebook Post That Sparked This Blog Post

The Facebook group is the reason why this blog post exists. After identifying key metrics and top performing posts on our Facebook page, they found that links to blog posts received the most engagement. So they started thinking about what kind of blog post we should share on Facebook. It was the Facebook crew that voted on this blog being focused on how social media creates community.

By talking to each other, the attendees noticed that although everyone had a different background and reason for attending, the event encouraged them to be “#social”. Social media creates community because no matter who you are, what you do, or where you’re from, social media is a relevant topic that brings us together.

Even though the Facebook crew did not get to write this post, they did, however, discover that social media creates community in this very sample lesson. So shoutout to Kelsey (@cactusclubcafe), Julia (@jules_sprague), Elim (@cactusclubcafe) and Oltu for the content idea!

Event attendees creating an Instagram post

Thank you to everyone who attended our Digital Marketing sample lesson on Social Media for Businesses. It was a pleasure to have such a diverse group working together on our channels. If you weren’t able to catch this sample lesson, check out our upcoming events for the next one.
All Photos Taken By:
Gabriel Martins

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