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Life At RED

Picture this: you are the Junior Designer, Marketer or Developer, and your instructors are the Directors. Our environment and our culture are designed around the idea of an “agency model”. Providing a strong creative environment and real client projects give you the greatest advantage for building an impactful set of soft and applicable skills.

The Learning Environment

We know our students are dedicated and spend a lot of time at school, and we love to make them feel at home by creating a comfortable atmosphere. Kick off your shoes, grab a pair of slippers (or bring a pair from home), cozy up on a bean bag with a complimentary cup of loose leaf tea and plug away on your laptop. RED is a place to be happy and creative.

Expert Instructors

Everyone at RED is a resource. Your instructors are all professional experts with experience in the workforce. They will provide you with the support you need to develop the technical skills for your career, and answer any questions you have about working in a given sector of tech. We also expect that students take control of their education, seek support and collaborate with instructors to produce the best results.

Group Collaboration

A large part of the way we learn at RED is through group collaboration. You’ll be working with your peers and with the students from other programs in a fast-paced environment. We try to mirror what working on a project would be like in the real-world and want our students to strengthen their skills working within a team.

Relevant Curriculum

We update our curriculum on a regular basis to reflect what’s going on in the digital world. New coding language? We’re on it. New social media platform? Got it. Update to an existing design tool? Check. You can expect to learn the most relevant tools, softwares, technologies and strategies for current positions in the tech industry.

Personal & Professional Development

Apart from technical skills, we help students explore themselves as learners and professionals. We’ve designed lessons specifically geared towards building strong work ethic and communication skills, but we also integrate skills for the workforce such as career coaching, resume tips, interviewing skills, compensation negotiation.

RED provides a safe environment where risks and explorations are encouraged. Whether I have a technical, professional, or personal question, there is always someone that can be of help or refer me to someone one who will know an answer. My peers and instructors are always supportive and are open to discussing any concerns. I know RED equips me with both the soft and hard skills of not only specific to a UI designer but to be overall a better learner, thinker, and a designer.

Bo Ha, Recent Graduate

Our Instructors

Sarah Bugeja

Director of Acquisition at Chefs Plate, Marketing Mag's Top 30 Under 30 2016
  • – Well rounded marketing professional with 8+ years in marketing, e-commerce & retail
    – Strategic & executional specialties: affiliates, display, search, paid social, SEO, email, video & flyer
    – Expert in executing & optimizing sophisticated paid search campaigns that drive high ROAS
    – Team player with experience leading, motivating & developing direct reports

David B. Reddick


I am a hardworking Creative Lead Artist and Team Manager that has worked on over 20 separate successful projects ( over 15 million+ players!) both for small and large studios throughout my career, I’m currently teaching and sharing that experience with others but open to the opportunity to expand my skillset in the industry. I’ve worked with Humber, DMA. Lego, Ferrari, Nike, Dreamworks, Loogaroo, and Disney.I give every task my full attention and put all my energy into not only making myself a success, but the companies I work with as well.

Vanessa Shakespeare

Marketing Intern

Vanessa is a sweet angel!

Mina Radivojevic

UX & UI Design Instructor

Mina has 10+ years design experience and her primary focus and passion are UX/UI design. She has a unique skill set that includes design strategy, user research, IA, content strategy, user interface design, and usability testing. Mina leads clients and project teams from ambiguity to clarity by setting direction that combines user, business, and development goals. She is curious, always excited about learning new things and sharing them with the world.

Richard Wong

VP Marketing at #paid

Richard is the VP Marketing for #paid, one of the hottest startups in Toronto, and the leader within the world of influencer marketing. From the creative, analytics, and technology aspects of marketing, Richard has a diverse experience from the big brands of Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), to leading technology companies (Google, 500px). Upon graduating from Ivey, he led recruiting efforts for the undergraduate program and launched a new specialized masters program, the Ivey MSc. Some of his past roles include Band-Aid Brand, Visine, J&J First Aid, Covergirl, as well as launching Think With Google (publishing the latest marketing research and digital trends with data reports and articles from Google).

In his spare time, he’s an avid sports fan from rock climbing, basketball, snowboarding, a variety of intramural sports, and cheering on the Toronto Raptors.



Christoffer Johanses

Lead Web Development Foundation instructor

Stewart Marshall

Financial Controller
Vancouver, Toronto, and London

Chris Dammeyer

UI / UX Instructor, Freelance Designer

I manage and operate a small pharmacy while also taking on various freelance design projects on the side. I am driven to maintain a high level of empathy for my customers, whether for the end user within design or my patients within healthcare- this is the common thread between my two careers. I am always on the look out for new challenges and creative projects, but operating a small retail business has also helped hone my appreciation for the monetary side of any business endeavour. Creative direction and design in general are my passion, however I am especially drawn to creating products that allow people to solve their problems or improve their life in some tangible way. Any opportunity that allows me to learn something new is time well spent. I am always interested in new projects and will work tirelessly until they’re finished.

Fiona Samson

UI Essentials Instructor

A leader in brand and campaign management for local music events at the Waldorf, Fiona designs collateral for events in both print and digital media and manages social media content (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). Some of her clients include: The Georgia Straight, Beatroute Magazine, Daily Hive Vancouver.

Andres Navas

UX Essentials Instructor

UX Designer, passionate about all stages of design. From research to information architecture to testing to hi-fidelity prototypes. “I am the users best advocate. Through simple, intuitive, fun and engaging design”

Matt Karakilic

UX Essentials Instructor

A graduate of Bachelor of Science program, with a major in Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), and a concentration in Design at the Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, Canada.

8+ years of experience in strategic communications, with focused on User Experience and Interaction Design consulting. Covering all areas of User Experience – including conceptual/ feature analysis and strategy, user research, wire-framing, flows, heuristic reviews/ usability evaluations, and user testing. Have experience with just about every type of interactive medium (and every industry) – Web, mobile, desktop – and specialize in complex interaction challenges, including applications and social media.

Karina Daukeva

Lead Digital Design Foundation Instructor

Karina is an experienced UX and graphic designer with a primary focus on interaction design and product development. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Psychology, she originally started as a digital illustrator and gradually moved to web development and branding. Her biggest passion is working with startups and custom-built products, as it gives her a chance to work with different stages of the product, from visual identity, design, and branding to front-end development, market research and testing.

Eugenia Teofilovic

UI Essentials Instructor

I’m a Montreal-born Designer, based in Vancouver. I’ve been working in digital for over ten years, specializing in interactive experiences. I have a not-so-secret love affair with illustration and product design.

Throughout my experiences, while remaining design obsessed and very hands on – I’ve come to love leading a team and mentoring those eager to grow. I’ve also gained a solid understanding of the balance between business requirements and design freedom.

Excellent work ethic, an obsession with brand consistency, and thriving in a fast paced environment – have taught me to successfully oversee large projects, while collaborating with development teams.

My portfolio includes; product design, adaptive / responsive design, conceptual campaign work, lead visual design, motion design, illustration, and select personal projects.

When I’m not behind a screen, I can be found painting, planning my next adventure, or grinding away on a personal project.

Altruism ( creative or otherwise ) inspires me most: I’m a proud supporter of Kiva, GVN, World Malaria Day, and 20 | 20 | 20.

Holly Osborne

Accounting Manager

Holly is all about the numbers. She graduated from Capliano University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a focus in accounting. Following university, Holly worked in public practice accounting for 7 years during which time, she obtained her Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) designation. Bringing her accounting experience to RED Academy, Holly uses these skills to pay the bills, literally. When Holly isn’t working, you can find her on the yoga mat, behind the camera or hiking with Kai – one of the resident RED puppies!

David Kohler

Academic Advisor

How to create extraordinary and engaging learning environments is at the heart of David’s professional career. His passion for teaching and learning started while he was earning his Ph.D. in mathematics, this led him to develop himself as an instructional trainer and upon completion of his degree to start a career as an education consultant, designing curriculum, training instructional staff and providing personal and professional coaching. As Academic Advisor he makes it his mission to ensure that each and every student benefits from a dynamic, authentic and productive learning environment at RED.

Tara O'Doherty

Chief Strategy Officer & RED Design Labs Lead

Tara is the former VP of UX/UI at Cossette. For over 16 years Tara has been creating exceptional customer experiences and products for leaders like AT&T, Gap Inc., IDEO, Ericsson, Google, and SickKids. She is fueled by data, driven by Design Thinking, inspired by innovation, and guided by human-centric methodology for all online/offline touch-points including: mobile, IoT, wearables, and even Connected Car. Tara has been featured in a number of publications and speaks at dozens of conferences a year and has had the honour of receiving several Cannes Lions, a few pencils from The One Show, a collection of Cassie Golds, and dozens of CMA Awards. Her work has even been featured in People Magazine, Mashable, and on CNN. In 2016 Tara was a judge for Strategy Magazine’s Shoppers Innovation Awards and in 2017 was ranked as one of the top Digital Planners in the nation by Strategy Magazine.

See Tara’s Linkedin Profile

Mandy Gilbert

Co-Founder & President

Lucy Moore

General Manager

Lucy is our resident data mastermind but her official title is General Manager for Vancouver, but what she really does is slice through the big data we work with to bring together a coherent set of information. With over 10 years of analytics and business experience, she loves both getting lost and finding her way out of complex systems – with the details of the story intact. She is excited to be working with such an intelligent team on the cutting edge of technology and strives to be like those who inspire her – courageous, humble, and with a soul to the earth. When not sifting through statistics and figures that would make most cringe, she can be found traveling, running, learning about the natural world, or watching a Will Ferell movie – all with camera in hand. Except maybe the Will Ferell part.

Sean Eikerman

Managing Director

Sean is our Managing Director who’s got a lazer focus on making RED an educational paradise with the best and brightest students. He’s an aficionado of old-school hip hop, and has over 7 year’s experience working with small tech firms and start-ups, including co-founding and running his own company, Boatwyze. His background in the vibrant tech scene, bundled with his love for education, fuels his massive enthusiasm for bridging the gap between the innovative tech firms who need good people and the students who need fulfilling jobs. On the weekend, Sean can be found sailing around Vancouver with his friends, mentoring young startup founders, playing beer-league sports and cooking up mildly-successful meals.

Colin Mansell

CEO & Founder

Colin is the CEO of RED Academy. Although he originally started his career as a classically trained musician and sound engineer, he has been working in tech for the past 15 years. While he sounds British, don’t let that accent fool you; his roots are Dutch, and he calls Amsterdam his hometown. Also the founder of Drive Digital, one of Western Canada’s biggest digital agencies, Colin is inspired by watching people create and seeing them find fulfillment in doing something they believe in. Colin is excited by the idea that the Internet connects us all, increasing transparency and accountability. He strongly believes that purpose is a bigger driver in people than profit, which will lead us to a better, fairer, more conscious world – values that dictate the foundation of RED.CE


Operations, Facilities, & Students Experience Coordinator

Kevin’s mix of digital skills includes Marketing, User Experience Design, and Web Development. He is passionate about helping the RED community and supporting students continuously by giving them guidance to find their place in tech alongside with his RED Ops team. Kevin is excited to build his career alongside RED’s growth, his hope is to take the skills he’s learned at RED and help grow the tech industry in his home country of Indonesia. Fun fact: Kevin doesn’t have a last name and he is a crazy foodie.

Rafael Marques

International Market Manager

Rafael Marques moved to Vancouver from São Paulo, Brazil. He studied Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University and works with international students for over 6 years. Passionate about Tech and Design, the move to RED Academy was a natural fit. Rafael became the International Market Manager in 2016 and his role is to implement the international student department in the school. In his free time, Rafael loves to go snowboarding in the winter and to gather friends for a good BBQ on the beach in the summer. He also still runs his own international student recruiting agency and enjoys playing guitar at home. Grateful for being in Canada, Rafael makes sure that new students receive proper counselling and are welcomed in Canada.

Graeme Lea

Admissions Coordinator

As a member of RED’s admissions team, Graeme is stoked about redefining education and helping RED become the best learning institution in the world. With his calm and zen-like presence, Graeme has spent many years honing his skills of emotional intelligence. Being passionate about education, one of his core beliefs is that empathy is the solution to create the conditions for world peace and should be taught in schools. His experiences have lead him to co-found his own company called SoapBox Speakers where he trains and develops professional speakers. When he is not working, he is either reading a book or out on a surf trip. If you know of any good reads, Graeme is always looking for book recommendations!

Ciara Hamagishi

Admissions Manager

Ciara is the Admissions Manager at RED. This role allows her to perfectly combine her two main passions – education and mentorship. She enjoys working with prospective RED students to help them find their dream career in the tech industry. In her early career, Ciara discovered recruitment was an opportunity to combine her love of teaching with her academic background. She has recruited university students for an international American university affiliated with the United Nations, accounting students for Deloitte and ESL teachers for programs such as the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).    In her spare time, Ciara works out at Pure Barre, plays beach volleyball and checks out tech events around the city. She sits on the Membership Committee for YES! Vancouver benefiting Dress for Success. Ciara mentors in programs such as The Glass Ceiling Demolition Co. and UBC’s Young Women in Business (YwiB) as well as informally working with many other students through weekly coffee chats. (If you are thinking about a new career in tech, she would love to set up a time to chat!) optional

Michelle Andrew

Admissions & Ops Manager

Michelle is the Admissions Manager at RED, with the goal of empowering students to design their dream lives. Having built the admissions systems for both Vancouver and Toronto, she is now heading up admissions and operations at the London school, RED’s first foray internationally! She brings a unique background with her as she has spent the last 12 years working in Vancouver’s booming film industry. Michelle also has over 5 years experience working in marketing agencies, and 4 years working in luxury tourism with Rocky Mountaineer. She chose to come to RED for the opportunity to redesign her own future and for her love of continuing education. When she’s not working, Michelle is likely playing with her dogs of which she is obsessed.

Deirdre Bonham

Program Coordinator

Dee is the Programs Coordinator at RED based out of our Toronto school. She has a degree in Law, is a big politics nerd and self professed giraffe lover. Dee moved to Toronto from Ireland in 2016 having spent 2 years working at Google’s European HQ in Dublin. She is passionate about process, organization and… food trucks!

Emily Booth

Operations & Student Experience Coordinator

Mackenzie Kieran

Lead App Dev Instructor

Mackenzie’s been working in Vancouver’s burgeoning start-up scene since 2010. He brings strong experience with JavaScript and contemporary full-stack web development to RED. He’s as at home in a container cluster as he is in a SCSS file. Mackenzie has helped RED develop over 100 students, teaching beginners in-demand Open Source tools like React and React-Native, Angular, Node, Express, PostgreSQL and Git. One look at Mackenzie’s experience will show you that he’s passionate about doing work that fosters community-building, and he brings that into the classroom every day at RED.

David Fudge

Lead Web Dev Instructor

David has been working as a web developer for over 20 years and literally helped build the Internet as we know it. He has been on the bleeding edge of web technologies since 1996 and continues to drive forward with the “new hotness” in web development with Node, GraphQL, React, and React Native. In addition to being a web development pioneer, David is also a long-time teacher, a successful professional musician, and a soon-to-be father of four. David has turned his passions for coding and music into successful careers and he loves helping others do the same.

Edward Apostol

Lead Web Dev Instructor

Edward originally went to the University of Toronto to study pharmacy, before ending up in the world of web and mobile programming. As one of the first generation of web devs in Toronto, he helped create the very first e-commerce websites for companies like Compaq (now HP), the Body Shop Canada, and Archambeault. In 2010, Edward began creating mobile apps sites for companies like XM Satellite Radio and NYPD. That same year, he became a certified yoga instructor, and now teaches part-time. As for his recent challenge, Edward recently became parent — definitely his best experience yet!

Cody Collicot

Web Dev Instructor

Cody is a web developer with over 7 years, specializing in WordPress and PHP. After getting his start making custom WordPress themes and plugins, Cody has widened his expertise to everything from Zend to Angular. Always looking for the next emerging code that will turn the industry, and how to best use it with the projects at hand, Cody has worked in a wide array of environments from in-house, freelance, enterprise, back-end and full-stack. Cody loves clean, reusable code in conjunction with an aesthetically pleasing interface almost as much loves his coffee.

Jim Bennett

Web Dev Instructor

Jim is a front-end web developer with over 7 years of experience who specializes in WordPress theme and plugin development, and is passionate about CSS animation and javascript interactivity. In addition to his Web career he is a professional musician with a love for cats and robots.

Rose Cass

Web Dev Instructor

Rose is a Front End web developer with an instructing background. Rose specializes in custom WordPress theme development and has had her share of random jobs leading up to her time as a developer. The thing that excites her the most about tech is the community behind it. Outside of RED you can find her involved with various organizations such as Ladies Learning Code, Girls Learning Code and Code & Coffee.

Mandi Wise

Lead Web Dev Instructor

Mandi is the program lead for development at RED. Developer by day (and usually by night too), she spent many years working in WordPress plugin and theme development in the non-profit space and as a freelancer, but currently specializes in building web and mobile applications with React and React Native. She’s also actively exploring ways to develop VR/AR apps to enhance learning experiences in the classroom at RED. When she’s not creating websites and apps that run like well-oiled machines, you can find her making use of a fleet of vintage cameras in and around Vancouver.

Liz Kucharska

Lead UI & Communications Design Instructor

Liz is the lead UI instructor at RED Academy Toronto. She has 6+ years of experience working in the industry, producing work for companies like G Adventures, National Geographic, Jeep and Bank of America. She’s passionate about designing simple and consistent products that make life easier for the users.

Andro Atienza

Lead UI & Communications Design Instructor

With over 5 years of experience as a graphic designer taking on projects and campaigns across print and digital mediums, Andro is driven by design that strikes a balance between creative and strategic fields. Having graduated from RED Academy’s own UX Design Program, Langara’s Electronic Media Design and Communication Arts Program as well as a BA in Management Communications Technology, Andro brings in an expansive wealth of knowledge, skills, and insights in the realm of User Interface and Communication Design. An avid runner and lover of all music, Andro’s days are fuelled by his passion for creating compelling stories, engaging brands and bottomless cups of coffee.

Julie Tremblay

UI & Communications Design Instructor

Julie is a Designer with expertise in crafting highly engaging digital experiences for organizations like TELUS, YYoga, Escents, and Rutgers University at digital agency Pound & Grain. Originally from New-Caledonia, she joined the RED team where she uses her well-rounded set of skills and her background in fine arts & coding to fuel her strong enthusiasm for teaching UI & Communication Design. Julie is passionate about thinking of innovative ways to leverage user-centric design at every possible moment – whether it’s through her teaching, her design work, or while contributing to the betterment of her surroundings.

Katherine Andrikopoulos

UX Design Instructor

Kat Andrikopoulos is a Toronto-based digital performance media star at a top Canadian luxury retailer. She’s passionate about raising serious money for great organizations. As a founder of the Young Leaders Council of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto (AST) and @memoryball, an annual event that raises awareness for Alzheimer’s disease, Kat and her team have raised over $400,000 for the AST and there’s no slowing her down. On top of that, she runs “Filling the Gap,” an annual women’s empowerment event meant to give women tangible skills. Kat has spoken at the Bing Ads Retail Summit, Ryerson’s DMZ, Spark Sessions and more. She has been with RED since 2016 and enjoys finding new and creative ways to teach digital marketing.

Sarah DeCaria

Lead UX Design Instructor

Sarah is an interaction and UX designer currently working at Canada Post. There, she is helping shape the digital transformation of shipping parcels and letter mail. Sarah has a passion for getting to the “why” of people’s problems and has an extremely inquisitive nature (from as far back as she can remember!) She sees user experience not just as a process but a mindset. When she isn’t at Canada Post or RED Academy, Sarah can be found at one of the many coffee shops in Toronto, with her Boston Terrier Lloyd, or trying to find the next best taco. 

Ray Kanani

UX Design Instructor

Ray Kanani, is the Chief Experience Officer at Coffee’s On Me, he is a UX instructor at RED Academy and is continuously inspired by the amazing stories of gratitude that happen every day in the world. Find him on Medium, Twitter and LinkedIn

Noman Siddiqui

UX/UI Design Instructor

Noman is a Toronto based Interaction, UX, UI Design Consultant and instructor. His goal is to make life easier for human-computer interaction, by designing experiences that are useful, accessible and enjoyable for end-users. With over 10 years of experience in the the UX / UI realm, he has designed various websites, apps, digital kiosks, interactive GIS, e-commerce solutions and a digital learning platform. Few companies that Noman has worked with include: CGI Consulting, ROM, SickKids, UofT, Grassriots, Thompson Books and Ticoon Technology. Noman is passionate about design research, WingTsun kung-fu, philanthropy and world music promotion. He is the founder of Nomans Land Creative, Nomans Land Promotions and the iUX publication on Medium. 

James McNab

Lead UX Design Instructor

James graduated from OCADU in 2012 with a Bachelors of Design in Advertising. He has worked with over 25 different startups and founders over the last 5 years. James has designed mobile games, desktop, mobile and web apps for a huge range of clients and projects, from restaurants to Bitcoin — he’s even designed custom t-shirts! In his downtime enjoys long walks on the beach (provided there are Pokemon to be caught.) 

Jenny Lam

UX Design Instructor

I am an interaction designer who believes that anything can be designed to enhance it’s user experience whether digital or analogue. From websites and apps to immersive virtual reality environments, I am constantly looking for ways to delight users through design. Curiosity is in my nature. My passion for replicating dishes from restaurants I’ve been to or figuring out how to create a piece of furniture keeps me busy when I’m not designing. Oh and that is Oliver, my Wire Fox Terrier. He also keeps me busy.

Jason Keen

Lead UX Design Instructor

I moved from London to Vancouver in 2015. With a view to getting some great outdoors in my life and to be a part of a young a thriving tech scene. I like to make websites and apps as easy and as seamless as possible to use, by looking at the psychology of how we use the web, talking to users and integrating the most useful technology to create an enjoyable and successful experience for the user and the business alike. My affinity with being a conversationalist and my passion for design made teaching others my knowledge a challenging but exciting step.

Joe Fitzpatrick

Digital Marketing Instructor

I have worked in Marketing and Sales positions for 4+ years within both B2B and B2C roles. I hold an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics form Dublin Institute of Technology, which developed my passion for digital marketing strategy and the application of digital technology.

Sean Power

Project Manager, Amref Health Africa in Canada

Sean Power is an independent marketing communications consultant focused on the health sector. Companies engage Sean when they need extended support for their core marketing communications team. In this capacity, Sean has represented clients as Project Manager, Vice President of Social Engagement, Community Manager, Communications Specialist, Public Engagement Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator. Sean is also a part-time instructor of Digital Marketing Foundations at RED Academy.

Patty Wong

Digital Marketing Teaching Assistant

After graduating from Western University with a BA in Media, Information and Technoculture, Patty took the first Part Time Digital Marketing Foundations course at RED Academy. From there, she grew her digital marketing skills at Yellow Pages as a SEM Campaign Manager before moving to Thrive Digital as an Online Advertising Specialist. Patty specializes in performance marketing and is experienced in running PPC campaigns across a variety of channels. In her spare time Patty enjoys dancing, looking for animals to pet and binge watching reality TV shows.

Peter Wong

Digital Marketing Teaching Assistant

Peter’s passions in life consists of learning and applying digital marketing strategies into business successes, sharing and educating others with the experience he has acquired throughout his career and his wife and two kids. With over 10 years of digital marketing experience Peter has worked with top brands like VTech, Samsung, UBC, Stenberg College, Onni Group, and OPUS Hotel in digital markets based in Canada, United States, UK, Australia, China and Hong Kong – to name a few. Peter currently works at Stenberg College as their Digital Team Lead. His specialties range in SEO, Analytics, e-commerce, and CPC, as well as CRO and email marketing. When he’s not at Stenberg College or RED, you’ll find him with his two young kids, playing tennis, and cooking.

April Yau

Digital Marketing Teaching Assistant

April Yau is the youngest Account Director at one of the top Premier Google Partners in North America, 6S Marketing. She is an expert in digital strategy, specializing in paid search, analytics and social media. April is also the current Chair of the Company of Young Professionals, a professional development program for people under the age of 35 at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. She’s a strong advocate of giving back to the community and believes there must definitely be heart in business. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking and discovering new ways to eat bacon.

Dan Pozzo

Digital Marketing Teaching Assistant

Daniel is a seasoned digital marketing professional currently working as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Thrive Digital. Daniel has worked with businesses big and small, from large scale e-commerce companies to local small businesses to help grow their online presence, increase revenue and enhance performance of paid media channels. He has a strong desire to help people and businesses succeed and is a big believer in life long learning. Daniel is also a small business owner, establishing the award winning Tao Day Spa in Steveston Village, Richmond, along side his wife and long time business partner. When he’s not at the spa or in front of his computer, you can find Daniel out walking his dog Chewy, training Brazilian Jiujitsu or dancing bachata with his wife.

Tina Star

Digital Marketing Teaching Assistant

Tina Star is a strategic marketing professional with both digital, traditional media experience and currently an Account Manager at 6S Marketing. After graduating with a UBC Bachelors of Psychology, she completed the Marketing Communications program at BCIT which led her into the world of Marketing. Tina has over five years experience in digital marketing, executing integrated campaigns for both regional and national clients, including Coast Capital Savings, Pirelli USA, and Earls Restaurant. She specializes in digital marketing strategies and tactics, including programmatic and network buying, Paid Search, SEO and Analytics. In her spare time Tina enjoys playing flag football, eating poutine and cheering on the 49ers.

Michael Steele

Digital Marketing Instructor

Michael is the co-founder of The Good Stuff, Vancouver’s first smoothie delivery company. Before that, he was Demand Generation Manager at, a venture-backed San Francisco-based tech startup. His jams are marketing automation, paid customer acquisition, and analytics. In his free time, he plays basketball and enjoys the company of his comically undersized Russian Blue cat.

Ramli John

Digital Marketing Instructor

Ramli is a data-driven and results-focused full-stack growth marketer with over 9 years of marketing experience. After receiving a B.Math degree from University of Waterloo, Ramli worked at PepsiCo and in a wide array of environments from in-house, freelance, B2C, e-commerce, multi-sided market and B2B. He’s led marketing teams for VC-funded tech companies in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto. When not optimizing websites or exploiting data-driven routes to grow businesses, you can find him rock climbing, writing or riding his motorcycle.  

Holly Lawton

Marketing Director
Vancouver, Toronto, and London

With over a decade of full-circle marketing experience, working across multiple B2B and B2C campaigns, Holly brings her passion for digital marketing to RED. Originally from the UK, Holly has worked in a wide varied of industries: from consumer campaigns like the world’s largest dog show Crufts, BBC Kids and live entertainment, right through to food and drink trade events, global telecommunications conferences and a global shipping broker – proving that digital marketing can be applied successfully to any company, in any market.

Haidee Kongpreecha

Digital Marketing Instructor & Marketing Manager

Haidee is a digital strategist who brings nearly ten years of marketing experience to RED Academy. She graduated with a BA from Simon Fraser University in Criminology and English, where she developed sharp analytical skills and linguistic finesse. Though Haidee has worked in all areas of digital marketing, her expertise is in content marketing, digital storytelling and branding. She is driven by creating innovative content that captivates and resonates with people. When she’s not working, Haidee is sleeping. Haidee enjoys a good nap.

Lisa McCann

Lead Digital Marketing Instructor

Lisa is a strategic marketing professional with a passion for entrepreneurship, the digital world and a great brand story. With over six years experience driving tactical and strategic marketing projects, her specialties lie within brand management, digital marketing, automation and analytics. Lisa thrives off of out-of-the-box thinking, bursts of creativity and watching businesses grow. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and all sports. You can catch her kicking a soccer ball around any chance she gets.

Rowan Springfield

Digital Marketing Instructor & Head of Paid Advertising

Rowan is a digital marketing expert with a passion for data, technology and optimization. With over five years experience in London and Canadian agencies, Rowan has worked with some huge international clients such as Hilton and Ralph Lauren. He also continues to work freelance alongside teaching at RED. Rowan has a keen attention to detail and delights in finding trends and anomalies to exploit or fix. He loves to be outdoors: be it snowboarding or biking in the mountains, climbing or just hiking around the North Shore. He probably should know better, but can’t resist the opportunity to jump off stuff when the opportunity arises.

Janelle Powell

Lead Digital Marketing Instructor

Janelle is our self-professed tech-savvy nerd and proud Caribbean girl. Janelle holds a BA Cultural Studies with a focus in Mass Media, Film & Video. She comes to RED after working in range of places, such as the cabinet office for the government of Ontario, and as Marketing Manager at Technologo. 

Guest Speakers

Our network includes a wide variety of professionals who have made a strong impact in the tech world. We bring in guest speakers who can give first-hand insight on their journey through tech and what to expect. We find the best in the business to become a resource for our students to ask questions and get real-world answers.

We Have Fun

We have Town Halls every Monday where all our students come together either for a specific activity, guest speaker, panel discussion or just for some waffles. These town halls jumpstart the week and shake off the Monday blues. At the end of a hard week’s work, we celebrate our success at Social Fridays. Sometimes there’s karaoke, sometimes it’s a talent show, sometimes it’s just chilling out to some good tunes.

Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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