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It’s the first week of classes and we at RED Academy Toronto have a brand new group of full-time students, eager and ready to go!

Among this new crop are Jill Dickieson, a UX Design student, and Jane Li, a UI Design student. Both of them are winners and recipients of RED Academy’s ‘Impact’ Scholarship.


Jill Dickieson, UX Design Professional Program Student

Jill Dickieson; UX Design; Scholarship; Winner; User Experience

With a background in fashion design, and having worked for fashion brands and retailers in London, U.K. and Toronto, Jill has been part of the fashion industry for some time now. The past 3 years have seen her grow in the e-commerce space of the fashion business.
Armed with the knowledge of the industry, Jill now seeks to marry her experience with her creative side which brought her to RED.
Starting off the new cohort as a student in the UX Design Professional Program, Jill hopes to learn to adapt her creative side as a UX Designer and launch her career.
Hear from Jill on how she hopes to make a positive impact through this new step in her life.
Connect with Jill on LinkedIn.


Jane Li, UI Design Professional Program Student

Jane Li; UI Design; User Interface; Scholarship; Winner; Impact

Jane has had a lifelong fascination with art & design. A graduate from the Bachelor’s of Animation program, Jane has worked in the field for the past 2 years.
Jane’s love for animation and communicating ideas through design is visually evident through her video.
The psychology behind UI Design, being aware of who the content is being created for, is what Jane finds is its most interesting attribute.
She is excited to learn more at RED Academy Toronto, to understand how design affects daily life and how design can speak to different people.

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