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Get to know more about our Full-Stack Design student, Liam Findlay and his journey through our UX Design Professional and UI Design Professional program!

Life before RED Academy

Prior to attending RED Academy, Liam studied Business Administration at University of Guelph-Humber. However, he wasn’t enjoying his program so he decided to do some research on other interesting schooling options. That’s how he discovered bootcamps. The learning style at RED Academy appealed to Liam because of the practical approach to learning, rather than a theoretical one like university programs. Liam’s goal was to get into the tech industry as he wanted to be able to build his own app or website. Liam decided to make a decision of a lifetime and signed up for our UX Design Professional and UI Design Professional programs to become a Full-Stack Designer.

The RED Experience

Something that makes RED unique is our community project partner program. Liam’s favourite community project was for a company called Werk Technologies Inc. Werk is a tech startup temporary staffing agency. He said that, “I really enjoyed working with them because I was inspired by their business vision. I found the motivation to give them the best design possible for their app that would help launch their business.”

“The best part of the experience is at the end of the project when you present the prototype to a highly pleased client and see all your hard work pay off.”

Liam Portfolio
We spoke to Liam about his career path and this is what he had to say, “RED Academy is helping me reach my career aspirations in ways I could never have imagined. First off, RED provides a great learning environment to maximize your experience at the school itself. The classes are small, the relationship with the instructor is intimate, the learning style is very practical and engaging. You get real world experience by working for and with real clients. In addition to this, RED also provides mentorship and help with resumes, cover letters, job application, interview skills, and networking. All of this has helped me on my path to success.”

Liam’s biggest takeaway from working with a real client is to never underestimate yourself and to have confidence in your abilities.

“Most of the time, you will in fact, have enough experience to take on something that intimidates you.”

His future within the Design industry

Liam says, “I think UX Design is an industry with a tremendous amount of opportunity. Every business needs a website, a logo, or an app which creates a plethora of job opportunities for UI/UX Designers. It is a fairly new profession that will continue to flourish throughout the age of technology. Becoming a UI/UX Designer also allows you to transition into roles such as industrial designer, technological problem solver, creative director and many more.”

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