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Why Choose a Career in UX UI Design?


The job market for UX & UI designers is exploding with an increasing need for skilled designers. UX UI design apply to a variety of industries within digital product design. One aspect of design almost always informs the other and it can be hard to distinguish UX from UI. Before explaining why you may want to choose a career in UX and UI design, we’ll break down the difference between the two:

UX Design: User experience is the full product experience. You need to identify the right user problems and use a mix of skills including user research, concept design, prototyping, and testing. UX designers can specialize or work closely with other disciplines such as interaction design, visual design, UI design, and content strategy.

UI Design UI designers create tangible interfaces that you can see. UI designers are the visual pillars of a product or app. They work alongside UX designers to translate flows, prototypes and content into visually appealing and emotional user centric designs. UI designers ensure the layout, stylizing and execution of different visual assets are consistent with the brand. In a large company, UI designers may specialize in strategizing the layout of a site or app while UI designers in small companies may be involved in the entire process from user flows to making realistic mockups.

Now that we understand the basic differences between UX and UI design, we’ve rounded up a few points to show you why choosing a career in UX and UI design might be right for you.

You don’t need to be an expert programmer

While understanding how programmers work may be an asset to working as a UX designer, it’s not necessary to have in-depth programming skills. This may be a huge relief for those of you who may find programming intimidating. You’ll be working with talented programmers to help transform your design ideas into real and working websites and apps, so it’s important to foster a collaborative relationship with the people carrying out your design ideas.

ux ui design team

Work as part of a team

You won’t feel alone as a UX or UI designer – UX and UI designers work as part of a team. You’ll be communicating with programmers who will be working to make your designs a reality. When you work with a team to help you accomplish your goals, you’ll need to have great communication skills.

Stay Creative

Do you have a creative personality? You’ll be able to exercise your creative talents with a career in UX UI design. This job involves more than making a product or digital experience look “good.” While there are elements in design that focus on the aesthetics of a product, you’ll also play a role in functionality.

Great job satisfaction

More respondents were happy with their UX and UI design career than unhappy as shown in a career satisfaction survey. Respondents rated UX and UI design with a 5.4 on a 1 – 7 scale with a heavy skew on the happy side with 17% rating their career satisfaction a 7 and only 1% giving their career a score of 1.

Learn about human behaviour

As a UX and UI designer, you’ll learn a lot about human behaviour. The user is at the core of how and why design happens. Studying and practicing UX and UI design will give you the opportunity to dive into the habits and patterns of human behaviour. If you’re curious about why people do the things that they do, UX and UI design is a great career choice.

Feel good about your career

Is it important to you to be empathetic in your job? You’ll feel good about a career in UX UI design. UX and UI designers have empathetic personalities. By understanding the pains and frustrations of users and customers, you’ll be able to design better products. A big part of your job will be getting into the head of product users and customers to understand how you can make their pains and frustrations go away.

ux ui design self education

UX UI Design Self-education

There’s plenty of room to stay on top of your self-education goals as a UX or UI designer. Whether you’re brushing up on design techniques or learning the latest on user behaviour, you’ll need to stay curious and constantly keep up with ever evolving knowledge in this field of design.

You don’t need a university degree

A formalized university education won’t hurt but there aren’t too many universities that offer UX and UI design. RED Academy does offer a variety of courses in UX and UI design. Why not join us for a sample lesson?

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